Our vineyard is your garden

Producer of Cognac Grande Champagne 1er Cru

Wine estate in Criteuil in Charente

Hello and welcome to our website.

My name is Marie and I invite you to discover our vineyard and our Cognacs.
Four generations of the Légier family have succeeded one another at the head of the Domain, I am the 3rd to manage the family business, nested in  the heart of the Cognac region : Grande Champagne.

Our history is a family of passion.
We are passionate about our vines, our terroir, growing our wines and distillating our Cognacs.
We feel strongly about working on our land the very best we can in order to ensure its durability.

History of House Légier

History of House Légier

Our Range of Cognacs

Our Cognacs were designed only with eaux de vie made in Grande Champagne and blended to obtain a quintessentially exceptional product.

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