Welcome to our vineyard

Our property and our vinyard is situated in the “Grande Champagne” Appellation Controlée territory. We only harvest from our own vineyard which is situated around the property.

Our vines are mainly Ugni Blanc grapes, which is renowned for its qualities for distillation.

Our vines are nutured, some of them are very old, planted by my grandfather and even before that. On the whole the vinyard has undergone little changes since we started the domain. However, some vines have been replanted, with an objective of durability.

We work on our vines all year round, it takes time, patience and dedication. It necessitates the use of different equiments, products and fertilizers.

Along the year, we adapt our working methods to nature and we endeavour to nurture our terroir and partners.
We have to adapt to nature, climate, and to the needs of our vines. We must always keep our long term production and durability objectives in mind and let the vines develop to its full potential.

House Légier
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