The Grande Champagne area is where Premier Cru Cognac is made

This exceptional area covers approximately 13 200  ha, around 18% of all Cognac production.

In Grande Champagne, the soil consists of a mixture of clay and limestone.
It’s a soft clay soil dating back from the cretaceous period. These soils are resistant to drought as the porus underground retains water.

Cognacs made in Grande Champagne are aromatic, fine and fruity.
These Cognacs are able to age in oak barrels and improve year by year.

The Cognac aroma wheel

This wheel was designed by the Bureau National du Cognac by master sommeliers, master wine growers, wine specialists and specialised journalists.
The chart helps during sampling, to identify the 63 aromas and the complexity of its flavours, which alter according to the seasons.
This will help you to discover the incredible variety of tastes and sense brought to you by Cognacs.

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