Cognac cocktails recipes

Universal cocktail

You love a cocktail that doesn’t have Cognac in the recipe ?
Simply replace the spirit in your favourite cocktail by Cognac !

Cognac is a versatile spirit that magnifies the aromas of most mixers.

Quick cocktails

Our Happy Cognac can mix with anything.

Your favourite fruit juice will be enhanced by 3 to 4 cl of Cognac.
Be bold and replace Schweppes tonic by Schweppes citrus with your Cognac !

Cooking with Cognac

You can add Cognac in your recipes. :

- mix with olive oil to cook your meats
- mix with your pancake batter, add orange zest as Cognac is simply sublime with orange

Happy Cognac FIZZ

Tried and tested for an instant hit !

For 1 glass

  • Happy Cognac- 3 to 4 cl
  • Sweetened lemon juice - 3 to 4 cl
  • Artisanal lemonade
  • Powdered sugar cane
  • Ice

You will need 1 lemon for 4 glasses, add 3 spoons of powdered sugar cane per lemon.

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