Our committment to sustainability

The vineyard

We have always been keen to be respectful of the environment, and work to take care of our land, our wine and spirits along with our partners.

This is why we anticipated the trend of sustainability, a long time ago.
We treat our vines using low doses of product, inferior to the recommended levels and we use many organically certified products.

We are also committed in sustainable wine growing we care currently under certification.

Our range of Cognacs

You will see our sustainable commitment during the bottling process.
We selected each item to offer sustainable bottles :

Our corks are made of wood not plastic.

The bottles are made of glass, consequently they are recyclable indefinitely. They come from the company Saver Glass (ISO certified) which is very committed to sustainable development, they are made of calcin, and made in France.

The labels are made of paper and do not contain any plastic, we chose a local graphic designer called NACARA.

Crates are recyclable and plain to save ink and energy.

Boxes are made of recycled cardboard with white decorations to avoid the use of ink.

The adhesive for crates is made of recycled paper-back tape.

Only the sleeves are plastic but they are very plain and as small as possible, they guarantee the integrity of the product.

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